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Stunning new music video

To fall in love requires us to recognize the powerful feelings of longing and to lose our authority over our emotions. Despite our self-protective measures, when the recognition that something extraordinary and singular had arrived, it is absolutely terrifying. Yet, being scared is also part of being alive.
‘Would Be You”, is written and performed by Tanis. It is a fusion of alternative pop and down-tempo electronic music. Sensual vocals, gripping lyrics and euphoric melody, take you soaring high into the sun and taking in deep breaths of air. The song is driven by a constant drum rhythm layered under rich evolving synths. Each section features subtle instrumental additions to give a slight timbral shift to the sound world.

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Discover Tanis’ A.I.R Sessions

In a society of constant stimulation and many distractions, sometimes it is vital to breathe, unplug and take in the world that surrounds us. In Tanis’ new series of acoustic sessions in real-time, you can find unique, unprocessed and unheard versions of her songs, each performed in a different corner of the world. So when you need that break, come discover the sights and the sounds of The AIR Sessions.

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Popcrush premieres Tanis’ new single ‘OKAY’

Believe in yourself: with hard work and perseverance your dream will be reality.

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Music, images, stories and much more… at TEDx Beacon Street

Bringing awareness and sharing stories at TedxBeaconStreet with her single “Losing My Mind”

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Beyond music with “Losing my mind”

Groundbreaking interactive video by Skein.

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Tanis released her debut EP “Blackout”

The debut album is a tour de force by Tanis, who has written, composed, performed and produced all tracks. Her uniquely crafted calm, alternative pop now firmly established her signature style, treating listeners with a medley of acoustic piano, electro sounds, R&B rhythms and ethnic instruments.

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Watch Tanis’ new music video

“Blackout” is beyond just another lost love song. It speaks about the emotions buried deep inside that all the distractions of today’s life help us to keep hidden. But in the darkness and silence of a total blackout, there is no hiding and emotions can freely resurface.

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Coming soon

“Blackout”, Tanis’ debut EP boldly explores alternative themes of love, melancholy and identity. The alternative pop-singer, known for carving a distinctive style of music derived from her multi-cultural upbringing will be presenting six tracks that glow with the promise of tomorrow, hope for underprivileged, and explorations into love, identity and the unexpressed.

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Creating awareness through music

“Losing My Mind” shares a message of awareness about our mad and deteriorating world. But perhaps it is not too late to change things for the better – if all of us try harder and make an effort, no matter small or big.

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Discover Tanis’ first single

Tanis single-handedly wrote, composed and performed her first single “Ce n’est pas moi”, a French love song about a girl unable to express her love through words.

“Music is at the heart of my life. From a very young age, I dreamed of being a singer and musician, but being unusually shy child, and not daring tell anyone about my dream, I channeled this desire into writing and composing.”

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